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IWG was created by IWG KILLER 7 over 2 years ago in the hopes that a few friends had a place they could call their own. It was intended to be a clan and erupted into a gaming community. We have created structure and stability for our members to come and have fun of all ages.
We offer game nights, pro teams, MLG team, and tournaments for all members. We also can be found on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, TWITCH, and YOUTUBE. IWG members are the back bone of this community and with out them we are nothing. We are a non profit community and everything we do is free for the members. WE ARE THE RESISTANCE
[GEN] IWG CELTIC 7Hey what's up IWG I will be back online Friday I look forward to gaming with everyone. I hope everyone is well.
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[MAJ] IWG Dusty HerbHey IWG I been working so hard on my Transformation next month i'm gonna see results i'm gonna post before and after pics!!!!!
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[XO] IWG Rachasaur 7 GFXWell it's official! I fill out my paper work for my new job tomorrow afternoon!!
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[MAJ] IWG DrearyPeachHow on earth do I rotate my enjin profile pic????!!!!!
[CRT] IWG DARKSTARR 7 Creator  Just turn your monitor
[MAJ] IWG DrearyPeach   You are so very helpful DARKSTARR!!
[PVT] y4u2mad0 oHey everyon
[XO] IWG Rachasaur 7 GFX  Hey!
[C/O] IWG HAGGY 7 OwnerCXO  hey!
[MAJ] IWG Dusty HerbNow i'm gonna hit up my pool :)
[MAJ] IWG Dusty Herblately all I been doing is working out two days ago Is pumping iron, today was a cardio day.
[XO] IWG Rachasaur 7 GFXHey IWG. I'll be doing a lot of gaming tonight so hit me up on xbox.
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[MAJ] IWG DrearyPeachPlease congratulate IWG Tocix Taco, IWG BIODANNZ, and IWG MrNoobto you on their promotions to SGM!!! Well deserved and looking forward to seeing what you guys are going to do and grow. Also Big congrats to IWG INSIDIOUS on his promotion to 1LT also very well deserved and I am so looking forward to watching you advance!!!
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[CWO3] IWG Batman 7   Good job guys keep up the good work
[C/O] IWG KILLER 7 Owner  Congrats!
[CWO3] IWG Batman 7I think I'm going to make a video of my return hahahaha god I'm bored. Work is boring it's hot outside and I'm sitting here looking at the wall.
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[CWO3] IWG Batman 7Looking forward to a couple of hours when America should wake up and get on here or I'm going to just talk to myself all day hahaha
[CWO3] IWG Batman 7Mmmmm IWG I just realised I've been here over a year now. That's has gone extremely quick. It's been good here. There's been some ups and downs. But guess what we are still here and growing every day. Let's get out there and recruit. Rach, zombie, country, redneck, savage, haggy, wargod, we all need to have a session on gta one night like the old times lol
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[CWO3] IWG Batman 7IWG I'M BACK! !!!!!!!! Finally after the last few months of stupid amounts of work I'm now back to my normal shifts and have my life back lol. I was on last night and I'll be on again tonight and I'll be back posting. Let's get out there and recruit like crazy. Haggy and Rach just so you know I only have my phone at the moment my laptop being fixed so won't be able to do some applications at the moment. Speak to you all tonight and hope to have a great catch up with everyone.

[PVT] JuvenileLemur o  joined Iron Wolf Gaming
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[PVT] y4u2mad0 ohey everyone when is the next meeting for me??
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